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Baglamukhi Tantra Sadhak - Pandit Ji

Acharya Abhishek Trivedi


Acharya Abhiehsk Trivedi is a renowned ascetic, Baglamukhi Sadhak, Hindu philosopher, preacher, and environmentalist spiritual leader. He is a post-graduate in Sanskrit and has dedicated his life to sharing the eternal wisdom of Sanatan Dharma through Tantra Sadhna

Under the guidance of Shri Acharya Abhishek Trivedi, the path of devotion unfolds through Tantra/Sadhna, Tirtha Yatras, and Anushthans. His life and endeavors stand as a divine Yagya, embodying the fusion of Gyan (knowledge), Bhakti (devotion), and Karma (duty).


Acharya Abhishek Trivedi, a distinguished ascetic and Baglamukhi Sadhak, stands as a luminary figure in Hindu philosophy, preaching, and environmentalism. Armed with a post-graduate degree in Sanskrit, he fervently devotes his life to disseminating the timeless wisdom of Sanatan Dharma through the practice of Tantra Sadhna.

Address: Maa Baglamuhi Temple

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